Discover the Benefits of a Contact Lens Subscription: Convenience, Comfort, Health, Savings, and More

July 14, 2022
1 minute reading

You don't run out!
If you wear contact lenses, you know that they can be a real pain to keep up with. You've gotta remember to order new ones before you run out, and then you've gotta make sure you clean them properly so you don't end up with gross, infected eyes. It's a lot of work! But what if I told you that there's a better way?

Enter: the monthly contact lens subscription. With this setup, you get 30 fresh pair of lenses delivered to your door every single month. No more worrying about running out or cleaning your lenses – just pop in a new pair and you're good to go.

The lenses
But the convenience factor isn't the only benefit of a monthly contact lens subscription. These lenses are typically made from softer, more comfortable materials than traditional lenses, so they're less likely to irritate your eyes. And since you're using a fresh pair every day, you're also less likely to end up with gross, infected eyes (which, let's be real, is always a plus).

The cost 
Another big advantage of daily contact lenses is the cost. While they may seem more expensive on the surface, when you factor in the time and effort you'll save by not having to clean your lenses, they can actually be a more cost-effective option. Plus, you don't have to pay for expensive lens solutions. 

Easy forecasting
You know what to expect. The price is clear in advance, so you know exactly your monthly expenses for contact lenses. So no surprises in your accounting.

Buying contact lenses is not fun shopping
Most people don't find buying lenses a fun activity. It's not 'going shopping with your mother-in-law'. By choosing a subscription you no longer have to go to the store / optician.

In short, daily contact lens subscriptions are convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective. So why not give them a try?