10 day free lenses, € 3,95 for shipping.

Premium contacts delivered in your mailbox.

How Lexx contacts works?

  • Start 10 day free trial

    Choose your eye power. Receive 10 pairs of daily contact lenses, only pay €3.95 to ship your trial set.

  • Never run out again

    After your trial, receive a 30 day supply (60 lenses) delivered every 4, 6 or 8 weeks for only € 38,- including free shipping.

  • You control your subscription

    You can change your delivery date or frequency and cancel your plan at any time in your account.

Stop overpaying

We ship our lenses directly to you. No middle man intervention. No hidden costs.
You receive the best quality lenses at the lowest possible price.
Good for your eyes and your wallet!

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Why Lexx makes the difference.

Lexx Optics chains Online marketplaces
Eco-conscious brand
Clear offer
Fixed low pricing
Ajustable subscription

Trusted by customers.

Choose change. Try new lenses.

Jolijn S.

Very happy with the lenses, with my previous lenses I had problems with my eyes at the end of the day. Not with these lenses. The quality is truely a lot better. The sustainability aspect also appeals to me.

Rick M.

Easy to order, fast delivery. The packaging is clearly focused on reuse of materials, responsible production and minimization of materials. Great example!

Maud v. H.

Received lenses quickly after ordering. Attractive packaging and with clear instructions, composed with care. And the lenses? They are just really good!