Getting started

Wear contact lenses

Improve your vision and your appearance. Nothing is more satisfying than looking good. Right?
Did you know that wearing contacts can boost your self confidence? Go for it, but please take wearing contacts seriously.

Get your prescription

When you first start wearing contact lenses, we advise you to visit a qualified optician. Your optician will help you with a proper eye-examination. With your prescription you can order contact lenses wherever you like. Many opticians offer an eye examination for € 15,00 - € 30,00. Make sure to do a regular check-up. We recommend to visit an optician once per year.

Try our contacts

We have designed our 10-day Trial Set for you. Relax and give yourself and your eyes some time to get used to wearing contacts lenses. Our lenses are intended to be comfortable and the materials used are gentle and snug.

How to open our blisters

Our lenses are paired and sealed per two pieces. This way we reduce plastics (and onsequently using less water less water). Please visit our instruction video to make sure you have a smooth experience opening them. Take some time to get used to it and soon you'll be an expert!

How to put in contact lenses

Use your dominant hand to insert your contact lens. Use your other hand to pull up your eyelid.

● Check the lens power on the blister
● Take the lens on your index finger
● Double check the shape
● Pull your eyelid up with other hand
● Use the middle finger of your dominant hand and pull down your bottom eyelid
● Look in the mirror and insert the lens

For any questions Please contact us