Information about dry eyes

November 02, 2022
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Nobody likes dry and/or irritated eyes.

Dry eyes give a tired feeling and many people quickly suffer from headaches. There can be many causes of dry eyes.
The two most common causes are described below.
We distinguish two problems here. First of all, dry or irritated eyes due to an external cause. Such as a room with low humidity. Second, dry eye syndrome. Mainly due to poor quality or reduction of tear fluid.

Do you recognise these complaints?
The complaints can include:

  • Tired feeling
  • Headache in combination with dry eyes
  • Irritation, red eyes
  • Feeling like there is something in your eye. Grainy Feel
  • Itching or tickling your eye
  • Suffering from light or lighting
  • Difficulty with reading or exertion
  • Just extra teary eyes
  • Burden when wearing contact lenses

Dry eyes
Complaints of dry eyes due to an external cause:

There is a thin layer of tear fluid on your eye. The tear film. This protects your eye from dryness and dirt. When the eye is kept insufficiently moist, irritation or the feeling of dry eyes occurs.

Many complaints are caused by evaporation of the tear fluid. This often occurs in rooms where the air conditioning or the heating is turned on. The humidity here is low and the tears evaporate faster. Staring intensively at a screen can also influence this.


Dry eyes syndrome
Complaints of dry eyes due to an internal cause:

It is possible that you regularly have complaints and these arise from the condition of your eyes or tear fluid. The external cause does play a role here, but the complaints mainly stem from a reduced or poor quality of tear fluid. This may be related to: age, gender and/or autoimmune diseases.

  1. With an older age: the functioning of the sebaceous glands changes.
  2. With a change in the hormone balance: Women in the menopause are more likely to suffer from dry eyes.
  3. Certain medications and autoimmune diseases can affect the product of tear fluid. As a result, you can suffer more from dry eyes.

Lenses and Dry Eyes:

If you choose to wear contact lenses and often suffer from dry eyes, we recommend using eye drops. Eye drops help keep your eyes moist. Eye drops give a feeling of relief and should lead to less irritation and a reduced feeling of dry eyes.

  1. Use eye drops before putting in your lenses
  2. Use eye drops when complaints arise during the day to 'add up'
  3. Never use daily contact lenses for longer or more often than 1 day
  4. Try to minimize hand contact with the lenses (don't keep putting them in and out)
  5. Alternate contact lenses with glasses
  6. Visit an eye expert in case of persistent complaints 

It is always recommended to test or try lenses first.
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