How to open the blisters - Instruction video

Learn how to open our blisters

Yes, they may take some getting used to, when you first open them. But did you know our blisters beat the market average by 80%in plastic usage? And 70% in water usage? Worth the effort, we’d say. When you follow our instructions, you will soon be an expert!

To remove a contact lens from a blister package, follow these steps:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It's important to have clean hands when handling contact lenses to prevent infection. Dry your hands after.

2) Open the blister package following the instructions above.
(Flip over your index finger and open)

3) Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger, being careful not to touch the surface of the lens with your fingers. (short finger nails are preferred)

4) Hold the contact lens up to the light to make sure it is not damaged and that it is the correct lens for your eye.

5) If the lens looks undamaged and is the correct lens, gently place it on your eye. Make sure the lens is positioned correctly before releasing it from your finger.

Repeat the process for the other lens.