Premium hydrogel contact lenses

Our contacts are daily disposable lenses. This means less fuss, fewer germs, and more time to do the things you love.

Ready to feel the difference and enjoy the exceptional patented aquagrip™ technology? The silky comfort and bright vision are next-level treatments for your eyes.

Lexx provides you with the daily contacts you've been waiting for.

files/icon-usp-1.png 12h comfort files/icon-usp-2.png Great hydration files/icon-usp-3.png Less irritation

  • All-day comfort

    Daily disposable contacts. Everyday clean lenses. All day comfort. Get used to hydrated eyes the entire day.

  • High hydration

    With a high water content of 58% your eyes feel fresh and hydrated. No tired and dry eyes.

  • Aqua grip Technology

    Our water-binding lens properties increase wettability. This results in longer, more comfortable wearing times, and an all-around positive lens experience.

  • Handling tint

    Blue tinted lens color for better handling. Easy to see or find your contact lens.

  • Recyclable packaging

    We're putting effort in working on minimising our environmental footprint. Recyclable packaging is just the start.

  • Expertise & perfection

    Radial edge technology creates unmatched thinness. This means less irritation and happy eyes.

Contact lenses for dry eyes

Dry eyes

If you choose to wear contact lenses and often suffer from dry eyes, we recommend using eye drops. Eye drops help keep your eyes moist. Eye drops give a feeling of relief and should lead to less irritation and a reduced feeling of dry eyes.

Our lens specs

1-day biocompatible soft contact lenses

Material type:
Handling tint: light blue
Material: 42% hioxifilcon, 58% water content
Diameter: 14.40 mm
Base curve: 8.70 mm
Modulus: -0,2-04
Dk/t: 28
Dk: 25
Properties: AQUAGRIP™ Technology, Asferisch design, Aberration control

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