7 tips for wearing daily contact lenses

March 02, 2022
1 minute reading

Tip 1: Patience

Learning something new takes time. Your eyes have to get used to the lenses. So don't put on your contact lenses if you're in a rush. Practice makes perfect. If it doesn't work the first time, take a break and try again 15m later.

Tip 2: Hygiene

Sounds like a no brainer. However, not everyone washes their hands properly. Always wash your hands well with (neutral) soap before putting in your lenses. If necessary, place a clean container or bowl under your hands, so that the lens does not fall on a dirty surface. 

Tip 3: Lens shape

Shape matters. Remove the lens from the package with your index finger. Look at the lens against a light background and judge whether it is well positioned. The curve should be nicely semi-circular. When the lens is inside out, it has a somewhat curved shape.

Tip 4: Don't over wear

Wearing lenses for too long is not pleasant. You have to build up the gestation period, especially in the first 3 weeks. Start with 60 minutes and gradually build up. Prevent irritation, so it remains a pleasant experience. Set an alarm clock as a reminder.

Tip 5: Makeup

First your lenses, then the rest. It often works best if you don't apply makeup, day cream or anything else to your face until after you've put your lenses in. Your hands are cleaner and you avoid rubbing something in your eye.
If you want to remove make-up, you first take off your lenses. Make-up remover and contact lenses are not friends.

Tip 6: Routine

Routine is important. By creating a daily 'lenses routine' you make fewer mistakes. For example, always start with your left eye. This reduces the chance that you will put the wrong lens in the wrong eye.

Tip 7: The 'don'ts'

  • Don't sleep with your lenses in
  • Clean your lenses with lens solution, not tap water
  • Use neutral hand soap, not cream soap
  • Use daily contact lenses for 1 day, not several days