Don't get lost in the jungle!

November 28, 2021
1 minute reading

It's a jungle out there. A contact-lens-jungle. A lot of different brands offering many products. Which one to choose? Comparing across different lenses is not easy. How do I know which product is best for my eyes? 

To better understand the market you need to take a close look at it. Which we did. And you know what? It isn't easy; it truly is a jungle out there. But, we managed to get through. What did we find out? Read on.

Many contact lens brands have multiple products. Often launching a new brand, or lens type almost every year. We have looked at each and every one of them. Comparing specs. Trying them out. Asking a customer panel. And out of all those options, we have selected what we think is the best product out there. In terms of comfort, hydration and overall wearability. We are sure that you will love them.

Not all of you, of course. Because there is no such thing as the perfect lens for everyone. Some people simply like a different fit. That's ok too. But for everyone else, stop the search, we have found your way out of the jungle.